community based directingphotos from the personal collection of YaliniDream & Barney Seng taken at the Asian Arts Initiative & the Sadie Nash Leadership Project

In addition to her performance work, YaliniDream directs and facilitates community based theater productions that bring under-represented voices to center stage. She works to create non-competitive spaces for marginalized communities to claim their voices, bodies, and stories using performance. Through experimental collective collaboration she seeks to build artistic work that reflects the strength of communities while cherishing difference.

Experience includes:
• In 2009 YaliniDream wrote curriculum for & facilitated a
program for Central Brooklyn youth that used storytelling &
dance as tools for HIV & teenage pregnancy prevention
• In 2008 YaliniDream directed and facilitated Suk Aur Dukh Ki
Kahani --a storytelling & theater project with domestic
workers -which was a part of the Culture Project’s Women
Center Stage Festival.
• As a youth worker YaliniDream has written curriculum and
worked with Freedom Academy High School in Brooklyn, Youth
Solidarity Summer, the Asian Arts Initiative’s Youth Arts
Workshop, and the Sadie Nash Leadership Project.
• In 2006 YaliniDream facilitated theater workshops with OfERR
for Sri Lankan Tamils living in refugee camps in India.


“Whether it’s community organizing, poetry, dance, acting, or directing, YaliniDream exudes a relentless, loving fire. With each creative path YaliniDream has paved she is loyal, unstoppable, magnanimous, and unique – with the nerve to make it all look so easy. Two snaps and Mahina booty bumps for YaliniDream – we love her.”
--Gabby Callender
Mahina Movement


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