photos by Dan Woulfin/Charles B. Wang Center

A theatrical choreopoem for Lanka

WOUNDS UNKISSED is an evolving theatrical choreopoem that conjures spirit and unearths the various wounds in the Sri Lankan Diaspora that remain unhealed. Through an interdisciplinary aesthetic, participatory tools, and most of all-- laughter & tears, the work inspires, challenges, & transforms.

WOUNDS UNKISSED travels from the true humorous conflict of a young girl's dilemma between sexy thoughts & bedtime prayers to the heart wrenching stories of the ethnic conflict to an immigrant mother coming to terms with her daughter's sexuality & her community's contradictions. It unravels complex community histories using gender & sexuality as a lens.

WOUNDS UNKISSED has a dynamic musical landscape composed of cello, guitar, and beat that serves to not only transform but transport the viewer. YaliniDream applies her hybrid form of dance: integrating South Asian forms with experimental Hip Hop and House as well as the aerial form Corde Lisse. With courage & honesty, WOUNDS UNKISSED depicts true stories-- delicately interweaving the intimate with a larger historical & political context.

Depending on the venue capabilities WOUNDS UNKISSED can be performed with or without aerial dance.






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