coming showsPhotos by RenHsieh
Video: shot & eited by Jennifer Hobdy performed by YaliniDream, Ranjit Arapurakal, & Seema Pandya at Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen

What YaliniDream Can Bring To Your Community

YaliniDream’s Current Major Projects Are:

In addition to her larger projects YaliniDream can provide the following:

Custom-Tailored Performances
Duration: 45min –1hr 30min

YaliniDream is available to create performances tailored to meet the needs of a specific community or event. She mesmerizes audiences with her unique blend of Spoken Word Poetry, Theater, Storytelling, and Song that employs a hybrid form of Dance influenced by South Asian traditions as well as US Urban dance such as Popping, Hip Hop, and Experimental House. Her performance will uplift and speak to the heart.

Community Workshops
Duration 1.5 – 3hours

YaliniDream provides custom tailored workshops that use performance and writing to explore community issues. Previous themes have included but are not limited to Arts and Activism, Community Based Responses to Violence; Get into the Groove: Owning How Our Bodies Move; Possessing Desire and Spirit, Rewriting Creation Myths, and Healing Violence through Art.

Community Intensives
Duration 6-8 weeks

YaliniDream provides community intensives that take place over 6-8 weeks. The purpose of an intensive is to engage large concepts through personal experience while claiming voice, body and story through performance. The thematic focus of the intensive can be catered to a community’s specific needs. The intensive culminates in a collaborative performance created and performed collectively by the participants.


“YaliniDream is contemplative, free and FUNNY! Rarely will one encounter an artist who so cleverly combines humor and discomfort. A true multi-disciplinary heroine who speaks volumes with her body and poetry; she is unselfish, respectful and ardent in her approach to movement and storytelling. To experience YaliniDream is to witness her undoing and self-restoration. Hers is a tale tied deeply to the spirit of the ancestors, devotion and God.”

--Andrea Rose Edmead,  Dancer/Choreographer


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