YaliniDream’s work centers supreme quality collaboration with deep rooted, highly skilled musicians and performance, visual & video artists. Producers, Institutions and Organizations may put in requests to commission specific collaborations between YaliniDream and the artists below.

YaliniDream’s Most Beloved:

Varuni Tiruchelvam

Varuni Tiruchelvam ~ Musical Director, Cellist, Composer

Playing the cello for 24 years, Varuni has been creating improvised music as a spiritual & political vehicle for connecting to the land & community around her : “I play in solidarity with people’s deepest truths.” Her current music is influenced by the sounds within her soul, the dark melodies of the Romantic Era, from composers like Dvorak & Brahms, & the sense of place that American folk music invokes. Born in Sri Lanka, raised in England & Pennsylvania, she continues to yearn for peace & justice in all the places she has called home. In addition to performing with YaliniDream for 7 years, Varuni is a member of Stone Forest Ensemble, a classical/hip-hop/Afro-beat ensemble.

Photo by Ren Hsieh

Ganessa James

Ganessa James ~ Musical Director, singer-songwriter, guitarist, electric bassist

Ganessa James is a singer-songwriter, a self taught guitarist and electric bassist, whose foremost passion is music. With her guitar, her voice, and a musical sensibility indelibly marked by listening to the greats – from Stevie Wonder, to Prince, to Joni Mitchell – Ganessa James sings about love. She delivers these songs urgently, thoughtfully, and joyfully, infusing them with the experiences that have touched her life. She recently recorded an EP entitled ‘Believer’, and is currently at work on a full length CD.
Ganessa is also deeply committed to working in collaboration with other artists. From the beginning of her musical career, she has worked in other projects, especially on the NYC independent music scene. This paved the way for her to play bass for artists such as Toshi Reagon, Saul Williams, JOI, and Tamar-Kali. Ganessa composed original music for YaliniDream's aerial choreopoem ‘Quiet Come Dawn’.

Anida Yoeu Ali

Anida Yoeu Ali ~  performer, writer, agitator

Performance artist, writer and global agitator, Anida Yoeu Ali is a first generation Muslim Khmer woman born in Cambodia and raised in Chicago. Anida is an interdisciplinary artist working in video, installation, sound, and performance. Utilizing memories and materials, her works investigate the artistic, spiritual and political junctures of a hybrid transnational identity. Her performance work transforms loss into conversations about reconciliation. Since 1998, Anida has toured over 300 venues with the spoken word ensemble, I Was Born With Two Tongues, and multimedia collective Mango Tribe. The Tongues' pioneering live performances and critically-acclaimed debut CD, "Broken Speak", ignited a new generation of Asian American voices. From the Faroe Islands to the Bronx, Copenhagen to Ho Chi Minh City, Anida lectures, exhibits and performs internationally— mixing together movement, multimedia, political activism and personal stories.

Akim Funk Buddha

Akim Funk Buddha ~ Hip Hop Performance Artist

From the streets of Bali to Carnegie Hall, from meditative throat singing to high-energy Hip Hop rhymes, Akim Funk Buddha creates borderless performance art, fusing sounds and movements. An avid world traveler and self-described old-school B-boy MC, he is known for his holistic approach to Hip Hop, drawing from a full spectrum of cultural traditions and artistic disciplines. Rhyming, beat-boxing, mouth and body percussion, story-telling, break-dancing, Mongolian throat-singing, Indonesian monkey chants, body-balancing, martial arts, tap and circus arts are seamlessly blended to create distinctly spiritual yet urban sonic and visual compositions

*Kiebpoli Calnek  blacK*acrobat

*Kiebpoli Calnek (blacK*acrobat) ~ Actress, Aerialist

initially trained as an actress at the school of performing arts in nyc, she integrated her acting and dancing skills with the rope adding a very unique aspect to her aerial work. kiebpoli portrays clear emotions while working on the vertical plane, which enables the audience to dive into her created universe while she makes a myriad of exciting and dynamic shapes, drops and theatrics.


Pradeepa Jeevamanoharan ~ Dancer, Choreographer

“I look down to my ankles and see
that we not longer wear bells
that make the sounds of a thousand dancers moving
through the temple,

I see how every woman that came before me
danced their stories. Not only in the temples,
but in their bed, the streets and now through our feet”

Pradeepa Jeevamanoharan is the co-founder/director of Diaspora Flow a non-profit arts organization dedicated to providing a forum for artists of color and facilitating connections between artists and youth. She has danced with Women in Motion, Mango Tribe, and debuted solo work in New York and Minneapolis. Trained in classical South Asian dance since age three, her choreography fuses Bharatanatyam, modern dance, Hip Hop and anything that makes her move.

Opie Snow Heyerman

Opie Snow ~ Artist, Web/Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer

I live and breathe bicoastal, from the rich, deep forests of Oregon to the chaotic, urban vitality of Brooklyn. I have a shy woman box. I blast holes in it with pigment and canvas; with brush and paint; with sewing machine and the power of stitch and seam; with website weaving and graphics. Pulling beauty and unearthly darkness together, twining them until the one is indistinguishable from the other, i am constantly striving for the feeling of movement and sensuality, tension and release, myth and story.

Ranjit Arapurakal

Ranjit Arapurakal ~ Singer, Songwriter

Ranjit Arapurakal is a NYC based singer/songwriter. Born in Kerala and raised in Europe and the States, Ranjit was trained in Western Classical Vocal technique from childhood. In NYC, Ranjit hosts Kili's International Open Mic, which over 10 years has earned a reputation as one of the finest weekly talent showcases in the city. He also performs with the underground funk group Suspicious Brown. Having founded Zenzi's Open Mind Night in Jan 2008, Ranjit makes annual returns to Mumbai to bring the event back with a bang! With the fully independent release of his first full length album, Patchwork, Ranjit brings forth a collection of songs written and recorded on the road-- in studios from Bombay to Brooklyn. Patchwork is available through iTunes in all regions, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Lala, Shockhound, Aime Street, Amazon on Demand, LimeWire, and Nokia.

Photo by Elora Hardy

Seema Panhya

Seema Pandya ~ Percussionist/ Visual Artist

As a percussionist, visual artist, and sustainability consultant Seema Pandya illustrates her life commitment to art, music, culture, environmental awareness, and community building. "I enjoy exploring rhythm, sound, and visual art as a representation of patterns and textures that exist in nature". Prior to collaborating with YaliniDream, she performed with the folk rock band Pee Pee for 4 years as a percussionist and French horn player. She continues to evolve as a painter and installation artist holding on to her past roots as a co-founder of Revoluciones Collective Art Space in Denver. Seema currently works as a sustainability consultants with expertise related to green building strategies.

Chesney Snow

Chesney Snow ~ Beatoxer, Educator, Actor, Activist

Chesney is recognized as one of New York City's premiere human beatboxers. "At the core of my work as a beatboxer is the expression of vibrations and articulating through sound, rhythm, and emotion. Most recently he collaborated with Beat Kangz Electronics for the creation of a groundbreaking electronic beat machine. He featured on MTV Unplugged as a special guest artist for for Polish music icon Kayah. The project was certified gold in 2007.

Kriss Mahan

krissy mahan ~ Artist, Videographer, Co-producer of Butterfly Kisses

Krissy Mahan has been recording visual records of people for 20 years, using whatever technology is available. She is a member of The Austin Project, led by Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones and Sharon Bridgforth, and has worked with Laurie Carlos, Naomi Jaffe, and YaliniDream. A passionate idealist with a flair for the fabulous and humorous, her work has been shown in galleries and film festivals in the US and internationally.





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